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About IE

IE offers a technology-based learning ecosystem for leaders who make a difference in the world through innovation, global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a unique focus on the humanities. IE’s faculty is composed by more than 500 professors who currently teach courses to students from 131 countries in university degrees, master programs, doctoral programs and training for executives. The platform of more than 50,000 IE alumni is present in 165 countries.


IE is launching this initiative to lead the wave of disruptive innovations in Higher Education. We aim to support the EdTech revolution to make sure that IE´s students and faculty benefit from the latest technologies and innovations across IE´s programs.


We want to bring all the value IE has to offer to every start up we partner with, identifying companies that can benefit from our support, our innovative & entrepreneurial mindset and world class mentors, helping them grow from early stage to more mature stages.

Innovation focus

We are looking for technology and innovations to be applied in Higher Education & ExecEd, no matter if the startup´s activity currently applies to the field of Education or EdTech.

While IE is open to all areas, we would like to point some of the most interesting for us:

Learning analytics.

We aim to make teaching and learning more effective with the use of data. Understanding how to improve instructor effectiveness, improving assesments, learning interventions and student engagement is a key area of focus at IE across data provided by IE´s blended programs, pure online programs and MOOC´s.

Collaborative learning.

We are interested in new tools, technology and methodologies to improve collaborative learning in higher education, raising the learning outcomes and fostering the sense of presence and community among students remotedly connected. Methods for examining collaborative learning processes such as conversation analysis are also welcome.

Adaptive Learning.

We are interested in technologies that can respond to student interactions in real time by automatially providing the student with individual support. Adaptive content, adpative assesment and adaptive sequencing.


We are looking forward to the next wave: Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, and how they can provide realistic experiences that are both educational and entertaining, increasing student engagment and enriching their learning experiences.

ICT tools

to improve digital content creation, curation and sequencing, including videos and games. We are also looking for tools to increase the creation and delivery of content directy applicable professionally, in order to nurture entrepreneurship, employability and career development.

IE’s Value proposition

Partner with the most innovative institution ranked n1 in Europe entrepreneurship.


Join forces with the leader and pioneer in entrepreneurship to take your project to the next level…
IE is internationally recognized in the academic arena as a leader in innovation, and its success is rooted in a strong entrepreneurial vision. Our institution is the ideal platform to develop & validate products and business models in a true innovative atmosphere, that crafts the Presence, Blended and Online programs for which IE is known.

What’s at stake

We will provide the selected EdTech companies true education expertise and the proof of concept, in residence. Partnering with us will mean having access and the possibility to pilot products/models with the students, faculty and management accross IE´s 5 Schools (the Business School, the Law School, the School of International Relations, the School of Architecture and Design, and the School of Human Sciences and Technolgy), as well as corporate access.

Opportunity of POC/ MVP
Facility ( in residence btw 3 month to 6 months)
Project oriented
Emotional benefit : entrepreneurial atmosphere :
submerged in the ambiance of Area 31 with all the advantages that the facility offers (wifi, coffee machine…)
Convertible note of living expenses : up to 10000 € per team per month

When and Where

  • 2 weeks after closing the application


  • February, 28th


  • May, 15th


The Selection Committee














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